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Updated on Jun 08, 2018 Useful Info

Airbnb is not legal in Thailand, use with caution or opt for guest houses or hostels

The Thai authorities are cracking down a lot on airbnbs here, however you can still find many listings, just be cautious with the risks.

  • Many apartment buildings, especially mid-high end ones here in Thailand require a code, a keycard, or even finger prints to exit and enter. Clarify with the host before booking to make sure they will be there to receive you in case you need a keycard or "fake" finger print (oh yes, we used one of those)
  • Some security staff may not let you in if you somehow reveal the fact that you are an airbnb guest
  • A lot of the listings are managed properties solely for rental uses, if you are looking for authenticity I'd look further and find some guest houses or hostels that are more Thai-like, the prices are comparable with the nice ones on airbnb