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Submitted on Feb 02, 2020 Useful Info

Common Scams in Thailand and how to avoid them

Hand Grab Scam

  • This is actually a very common scam. You are walking by, someone grabs your hand puts a bracelet around your wrist or bird seeds in your hand and asks for money that is way more than what the bracelet or bird seeds are worth. This scam mostly occurs in markets and at bus stops
  • How to handle it: Return the seeds without spilling any or give back the bracelet without breaking it. If you break it you'll have yo pay, it happened to me once. Don't allow anyone to grab your hand. When walking through a market watch out for people who may be doing this scam so you walk past them without being a victim.

Jet Ski and Motorcycle Scams

  • Where this scam is common: Phuket and Pattaya
  • Always take pictures of any bumps and scratches on jet skis and motorcycles before you rent one. This way no one will accuse you of causing damage and you won't be forced to pay for damages that were already there prior to you renting the jet skis or motorcycle.
  • Some may go as far as threatening to arrest you if you don't pay for damages

Grand palace is closed scam

  • Where this scam is common: Bangkok
  • It happens to many tourists. A local approaches you and informs you that the attraction is closed. They then offer to take you to a nearby attraction. Contrary to that they take you to their shops and ask you to pay them or purchase their goodies.
  • How to handle it: Decline the offer once they approach you.

Other common scams.

  • Broken taxi meter scam- Solution: Don't board a taxi that is unmetered.
  • Fake money scam- solution: Exchange only at banks, ATMs and forex bureaus.