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Easiest way to get cash in Thailand is using the ATMs (but the fees add up)

  • ATMs are everywhere in Thailand and that makes them the most convenient way to get cash
  • In the central parts of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, and Samui there are ATMs literally every few blocks
  • When in doubt, look for 7/11s, there's always an ATM outside it
  • They accept bank cards and debit cards from most countries. I used my RBC (Canadian bank) debit card and hadn't encountered any issues
  • Fees: ATM fee of 200-220 ($9) baht flat fee per withdrawal regardless of amount as of October 2018. My bank charged me an additional $10 for each overseas withdrawal. Also, the exchange rate was also about 3-4% worse than money exchange booths like Superrich. Over the course of my 10 days in Thailand, I only withdrew money once for $800, so I paid about $40 in fees altogether (including the comparatively worse exchange rate)
  • If your budget is tight, I recommend bringing cash to exchange instead of using ATM. $40 goes a long way in Thailand
  • Withdrawal limit: all the ATMs I used had 20,000 baht ($800) limit per withdrawal. I've been told the ATMs by Krungsi bank (the yellow ATMs) have 30,000 withdrawal limit
  • The nice thing about ATMs is that you don't need to show your passport to withdraw money, something money exchange booths will ask you to do. So if you don't want to carry your passport around, ATMs are awesome


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On Aug 16, 2019

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