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Updated on Jun 10, 2018 Useful Info

Getting longer-term Thai visa (for more than 30 days)

  • Canadians do not need visas to travel to Thailand if you don't plan to be here for more than 30 days
  • If you want to be here longer, there are 2 good options:
  1. Single-entry tourism visa: good for 3 months, CAD$50 application fee
  2. Multiple-entry tourism visa (I got this one): good for 6 months, CAD$250 application fee; but you need to leave and re-enter the country once every 60 days
  • Most of the expats who live in Thailand long term are on tourism visa (I've met some who are on student visa but they don't recommend it)
  • Getting the visa was pretty straightforward. Here are steps I took to apply for the visa in April 2018:
  1. Got the required documentations ready:
  2. Passport with minimum 6 months of remaining validity
  3. Photos: 2 Canadian passport-sized photos
  4. Completed visa application form. The form is pretty straightforward. Just a few notes on these fields:
  5. "Countries for which passport is valid": just write "All" here
  6. "Purpose of visit": make sure you don't write anything here related to work
  7. A bank draft from RBC for $250 (I got the multiple entry visa), made payable to Royal Thai Embassy. Bank draft is the only payment method they accept
  8. A copy of the one-way flight ticket to Thailand (the official website says you need a return ticket, but I called the embassy and they said one-way ticket is fine)
  9. A prepaid return envelop with my home address filled out
  10. Sent all documentations in Step 1 to the Thai embassy in Ottawa. Make sure you use trackable post and write down the tracking number of the both the envelope going to the embassy, and the pre-paid return envelope you purchased
  11. I got my passport mailed back to me in about a week. Plan for 2 weeks just in case
  • One thing to note (that I didn't realize, and is very counter intuitive) is that your visa starts on the date they approve your visa, instead of your expected date of arrival. My visa started on April 23rd and expires 6 months from this date, even though I indicated on the application form that I'll be arriving in Thailand on May 29th (and my flight ticket clearly shows me arriving on May 29th). Keep this in mind when you decide when to apply for your visa.
  • The official instruction is here