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My personal experience with vaccine for Thailand

Disclaimer: this is not a medical advice! Just my personal experience as is

  • I did a bunch of research before going to Thailand and consulted with travel doctor, but ultimately decided against getting any special vaccines. I didn't contract anything on my trip (thankfully)
  • All my routine vaccines up to date, and I also previously got my Hep A and B vaccines done
  • I'm not sure if I'm immunized against rabies, either way I didn't get rabies shot before this trip. The doctor's advice was to avoid rural or jungled areas in Thailand and I should be fine (because of bats). I only planned to stay in urban areas and beaches so I figured it's not worth it. Worst case scenario if I'm bitten I can still get the shot after the fact
  • My last consideration was the short duration of my trip. It's only 10 days
  • So one thing I completely missed before my trip (and thank god I didn't get it) is dengue fever. Apparently there's a big outbreak in dengue fever in Thailand right now, mainly in the southern regions like Phuket. Even on reddit there are travellers saying they got dengue. I guess what makes it so bad is that it's spread by mosquitos and boy are there a lot of mosquitoes in Thailand. If I were to go to Thailand again I'm definitely going to get the dengue fever shot