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Updated on Aug 16, 2018 Useful Info

Overview of the C.I.Q. domestic-to-internatinoal transfer process in Thailand

  • C.I.Q. standards for Customs, Immigration and Quarantine - it's basically a simplified transfer process for flyers leaving Thailand connecting through a Thai city (likely Bangkok). E.g. Chiang Mai -> Bangkok -> Taipei
  • How it actually works:
  • Normally anywhere in the world, if you're leaving a country connecting through a domestic city, you clear customs in that connecting city
  • But with Thailand's C.I.Q. process, you clear customs at your departure city
  • For example, flying Chiang Mai -> Bangkok -> Taipei, instead of clearing customs in Bangkok, you actually clear customs in Chiang Mai
  • Why it's useful:
  • It shortens your connection time massively
  • Your luggage will be sent to your final destination. Don't need to pick them up in the connecting city
  • You go through dedicated C.I.Q. lanes that's much less crowded than the normal
  • How to take advantage of it:
  • Your entire booking needs to be on a single ticket. Meaning that you can't buy 2 separate flights yourself e.g. one flight for Chiang Mai -> Bangkok, another one from Bangkok -> Taipei
  • If you're booking from airlines' official sites, you don't have to worry about this at all. Airlines will issue a single ticket, even if one of the leg is operated by another airline. For e.g. Bangkok Air will fly the domestic leg, while a partner airline flies the international leg, but it will be on a single ticket
  • But if you're booking from travel agencies (including most Online Travel Agencies and meta search engines like Expedia, Skyscanner, etc., or if you're using your corporate travel agent), you should double check that your entire trip is on a single reservation
  • When you're checking in at the airport, go to the international check-in counter of that airline (i.e. in international terminals instead of domestic terminals)
  • They should give you a sticker to put on your shirt. The one from Air Asia looks like this:User submitted photo of Thailand
  • Your boarding pass should be stamped with C.I.Q.
  • If you don't get these, ask the employee checking you in about C.I.Q. to remind them. Different airlines may have they own branded terms for C.I.Q. - AirAsia for example calls it Fly Thru; Bangkok Air calls it Check Through
  • Go to the international departure area of your departure city, clear customs, and use the gate number indicated on your boarding pass
  • The gates information on the airport screen may be for non C.I.Q. passengers (as they're all domestic flyers who didn't clear customs)
  • At your connecting city, many airlines will also have staff waiting to guide C.I.Q. passengers. If there aren't any staff, just follow the signs for C.I.Q. passengers. The AirAsia's sign at the Bangkok Don Muang airport looks like this:User submitted photo of Thailand

  • What happens if you don't use it. You will need to:
  • Pick up your luggage in your connecting city
  • Go from the domestic terminal to the international terminal
  • Check in to your 2nd (international) flight and drop off luggage
  • Go through customs
  • Go through security