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Submitted on Jul 02, 2018 Useful Info

How to best visit the Bund

The best time to visit the Bund is a little before sunset so you can see the lights lit up. If it's not a holiday, it shouldn't be too crowded. However there are often light shows during holidays

The lights will turn off around 11pm in the summer, 9pm in the winter. When the temperature is too hot in the summer, the lights schedule will be affected or even canceled. Earth day it's off too.

It's nice to walk along The Bund, even better if you find a rooftop bar along the Bund to enjoy the view - most of them are quite pricy and you have to purchase something to sit.

Instead of taking the boat tour, you can just take the public ferry from West (Puxi) to East (Pudong) or vice versa and see the view from the deck - but normally crowded with tourists.

  • It runs till 10pm, around 12-15min frequency
  • cost 2rmb
  • The dock in Puxi is called North Jinling Road (金陵东路渡口站)
  • The dock in Pudong is called Dongchang Road (东昌路码头)