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Updated on Dec 25, 2019 Useful Info

The best way to get to the Bund in Shanghai, China

  • The Bund is one of the top attractions in Shanghai. A row of well-preserved European buildings line the road, and across the river is the futuristic skyline of LujiazuiUser submitted photo of The BundUser submitted photo of The Bund
  • It's located at the center of Shanghai and is extremely easy to get to
  • The best way to get to the Bund is by metro because it's cheap and fast, especially during rush hours when cars can easily get stuck in traffic for a long time
  • The closest subway station to the Bund is Nanjing East Road (南京东路) station, on metro lines 2 and 10. This station is about 500 meters (1/3 of a mile) west of the Bund
  • It's very cheap to use the metro, just a handful of RMB (less than $1USD) to get there from anywhere in the city. I've written here about how to use the Shanghai metro
  • Once you get to Nanjing East Road station, use exit 6 or 7 to get out
  • After you get to the ground level, walk east for 3-4 blocks to the waterfront, then you'll be at the northern end of the Bund
  • Then walk south along the Bund to see all the major landmarks

  • The metro, however, only runs between around 6am and 11pm. Outside of these hours, you will have to take a taxi to get to the Bund
  • If you're using Didi taxi (a car ride hailing app like Uber), then you can put in "Waitan" into the search box and pick the first result, which should be "外滩" (these two Chinese characters is pronounced as "waitan" and means the Bund). This should drop you off near the northern end of the Bund. If this doesn't work, just drop the pin on map to this GPS location
  • If you're taking a regular metered street taxi, tell the driver you're going to "waitan" (pronounced like "why-tan"). If they ask you where on Waitan you want to go, tell them to go to Huangpu Park (prounced like "Huong-Poo-Gong-Yuen"), which is located at the northern end of the Bund
  • Taxi fares from central Shanghai to the Bund should be ¥20-¥30 RMB ($3-$4.5USD), and from farther out is ¥30-¥50 ($4.5-$7USD). Payment for taxis in China is only with cash, or mobile payments with AliPay and WeChat Pay. Credit cards are never accepted