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Submitted on Oct 11, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to the Forbidden City

  • Even though the Forbidden City is massive, all tourists have to use the Southern Gate (故宫南门) to get in. The gate is also formally called the Meridian Gate (故宫午门)
  • Metro is the best way to the Southern Gate. Get off at the Tiananmen East station (天安门东) or Tiananmen West station (天安门西). These two are the closest metro stations to the Southern Gate. They're both on Line 1
  • Once you get off the stations, just walk north through the gate with the Mao portrait, and keep going north through another gate and you'll be at the Southern Gate

Map Overview (by metro):

User submitted photo of The Forbidden City

  • Taking a taxi can be a hassle, because they're not allowed to stop on Tiananmen Square. If you really want to take taxi, my tip is to have them drop you off at Donghuamen (东华门), then walk south and west for about half a km along the wall of the Forbidden City to get to the Southern Gate

Map Overview (by taxi):

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