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Updated on Dec 05, 2018 Useful Info

Tips for visiting the Forbidden City on a wheelchair

  • It is absolutely possible to visit the Forbidden City on a wheelchair
  • But the area you can visit is very limited. I say about 1/3 of the palace is accessible on a wheelchair
  • However, this 1/3 includes all the biggest highlight the Forbidden City has to offer. You will see the main north-south axis that contains the grandest halls, as well as a peek into a section of the private quarters of the emperor and his family
  • If you do plan to visit on a wheelchair, make sure to come visit during a less crowded season because it can get very very crowded that makes it hard for you to move around. Do not visit between October 1st to 15th as that's a National holiday and is the busiest time. All through summer it's quite busy as well
  • Keep in mind that the surface of the entire Forbidden City is not smooth. Most grounds are made up of differently-sized stones used in the ancient times. It's not the easiest place to visit on a wheelchair even though it is considered accessible
  • Here is the update-to-date (as of December 2018) official wheelchair accessibility map (from the official website here):User submitted photo of The Forbidden City