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Submitted on Mar 15, 2020 Useful Info

Types of scams in The Gambia

Just like so many tourist destinations, the locals result in scams to swindle tourists. It is therefore paramount that you understand some of these scams so as you can avoid them. In The Gambia, the case is not any different. Here are a few of those scams that you should be aware of.

Guest book scam.

In this scam, the local approaches you with a guest book. He explains that he had a relative who has been married or they have a new born child but cannot make the ceremony happen. They then hand you a guest book and ask you to sign as a show of appreciation. The guest book has some phoney names. And after signing, they guilt trip you into giving something up. A payment of sorts. Some are so aggressive they ask for a little more money once you give them a few coins.

"Remember me?" Scam.

In this scam, someone approaches you out of the blue and asks if you can remember them. They claim to be a mechanic or a bus driver or something. You may be guilty and say yes because you cannot remeber everyone you have come incontact with. They then ask you for a lone to keep on doing the work they are doing.

To prevent this scam, just say you do not remember them and be firm.

No food at home scam.

In this scam, a person approaches you with a sob story of how they have nothing to eat and they will sleep hungry if you do not help them. If you try to protest they even take you to a shop and ask you to but the food so that you are sure. Once you uave parted with a few hundreds, they leave you at the entrance and disappear through the back door. They are always in conjunction with the shop owners.

These are some of the cons, please be safe and alwys have your guard up.