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Submitted on Feb 06, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Chenjiapu Great Wall from Beijing

  • Chenjiapu Great Wall is not that far from Beijing, only 75km away to the north west. In fact, it's connected to Badaling, the single most popular section of the wall. But despite this proximity, it's actually very difficult to get there by public transportation. The small number of visitors who go there mostly get there by car. This is good and bad. It's good because you're almost guaranteed to not run into other tourists and have the entire wall to yourself
  • For most travelers, driving in China is not an option because China does not recognize International Driving Permit (you need a local Chinese license to drive), so you have 2 realistic options to get to Chenjiapu: hire a driver in Beijing, or get picked up by Great Wall Fresh
  • Option 1: hire a driver in Beijing
  • The best place to find a driver in Beijing is The Beijinger, an expat community website. They have a classifieds section where you can find local drivers. http://www.thebeijinger.com/classifieds/cars-drivers
  • Expect to pay 700RMB-1100RMB ($105-$165) for the day
  • Given the high cost, this is probably good only for a day trip, unless you want to pay double or triple the cost
  • Of course, you can always get on a group tour. You need to find one of the Great Wall hiking companies that specialize in these off-the-beaten-path sections. I've listed out many of the top rated ones on this page. Do some price comparison and see what makes sense
  • Option 2 (best option): get picked up by Great Wall Fresh
  • Great Wall Fresh is a restaurant/lodge run by a local family (the Chen family. Chenjiapu literally means Chen Family's Lot) in the village
  • I highly recommend this option because it's not only much cheaper than hiring your own driver, you also get direction and hiking tips from the Chen family, plus you get to stock up on your supplies before you hike to the wild wall
  • They offer pickup services from 3 spots, one in Beijing and two close to Chengjiapu
  1. Pickup from Beijing: cost is 300RMB ($45USD) each way. You get picked up from Huilongguan (回龙观) subway station on line 13, at exit A. Travel time to Chenjiapu is 1.5-2 hours each way, depending on traffic
  2. Pickup from Yanqing (延庆) Railway Station: cost is only 80RMB ($12USD), plus 6RMB ($1) for the train you need to take to get to Yanqing from Beijing. The train you want to take is S2, departs from Huangtudian (黄土店) Railway Station, which you can get to with Beijing subway on line 13 to Huoying (霍营) Subway Station. S2 is the same train you'd take to get to Badaling Great Wall from Beijing, and here's more details on how to take the S2 train. Total travel time is going to be around 2-3 hours each way
  3. Pickup from Dafutuo (大浮沱) Bus Stop: cost is 80RMB ($12USD), plus 16 RMB for the bus ride from Beijing. You need to take bus 919 Express (919快), departing from Deshengmen (德胜门) bus stop in Beijing, which you can get to by taking the subway to Jishuitan (积水潭) station on line 2 then exit from B2 and walk east for about 700 yards (10 minutes). Bus 919 Express runs between 5:45am and 9pm, and you pay with cash or your Yikatong subway card. Dafutuo is the 3rd stop after you depart.
  • In addition to the 80-300RMB pickup charge, you can either pay 20RMB for a meal at Great Wall Fresh, pay 40RMB to stay there for a night (includes breakfast), or just pay 20RMB without either eating or staying there. They don't accept credit card so payment is cash only
  • You need to book your pickup with them at least 1 day in advance. You can email them at chxiyuan@sina.cn to book. You can find more detailed booking instructions on their website. I suggest booking via email instead of phone because they don't speak English
  • They have a Facebook page, or check their English website for the up-to-date info