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Jinshanling Bus Tour: Who's the Best?

Jinshanling Bus Tour Reviews: The Great Wall Adventure Club

I was recommended by a friend to book Jinshanling bus tour to bring a family from Canada to visit Beijing in October 2019. I booked through Great Wall Adventure Club and found their service is one of the best among all the Great Wall tours in Beijing.

The Jinshanling Great Wall lies on a branch of Yanshan Mountain, at the junction of Luanping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, and Miyun County, Beijing. It takes 2.5 hours by bus to get there. It's a little long than going to Mutianyu for a tour, but it is worth the effort. According to the New York Times, "The stretch of wall between Gubeikou and Jinshanling, is considered a prime example of Ming dynasty construction."

The following reviews are from the customers who have toured Jinshanling in 2019. Hope it'll be useful if you plan a tour to Jinshanling with a direct bus from downtown Beijing in 2021.

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The Reviews of Jinshanling Bus Tour

  • The Great Wall Bus has a very good service, comprehensive guide, very comfortable bus, and its own rest area, where you can drink free tea, especially on New Year's Day when it is cold. The place can rest really special good. There is also a buffet on the second floor with plenty of food, 60 per person, which is super cheap here.
  • On the first day of the New Year, I chose to go up to the Great Wall to play at the Jinshanling Great Wall, not as convenient as going to Badaling. The Great Wall Bus guide Wang Jun gave a detailed and patient introduction of the attractions and various notes, 9:30 to climb and 12:30 to return to the Great Wall Bus newly opened rest area. Affordable now. All in all, had a great time, kudos to Great Wall Bus and kudos to the Wang Jun tour guide.
  • This is my first time in Beijing, and I'm glad I chose Great Wall Bus to go to the Great Wall. It was very comfortable and convenient, and our guide, Wang Tao, explained the history of the Great Wall on the bus. The most important thing is, they can help you to buy the tickets, so you don't have to queue up, and you don't have to figure out how to get there.
  • Today, our tour guide Han took us to the Great Wall of Jinshanling, he was very nice, warm and generous to the tourists, explained the introduction carefully and patiently, and answered the questions raised by the tourists in time.
  • Climbing twice is very sore, intermittent questioning life, sustained cheer. The medical workers are free, thanks to the guide, Lao Zhang, the country and the party. The next time I will bring a friend to come.
  • Guide Zhou's service is enthusiastic, professional, patient and serious, very good, next time friends come to look for him!

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  • The guide is also very careful to remind us of the importance of going to the Great Wall, and will tell us about the Great Wall on the way there and back.
  • Great Wall Bus service is too in place, with small children can travel without worry, the driver and service staff are very warm and considerate, to help buy tickets, take tickets, but also white ferry tickets, scenic Great Wall Bus home spacious, clean, free hot water and rest, food and beverage prices are very friendly, there are large terrace 360-degree view. Civilian prices, VIP level to enjoy, a friend to play the Great Wall will recommend, hope the brand bigger and stronger.
  • Jinshanling saves time and is comfortable, and the driver and tour guide are professional in explaining the Great Wall trip. Thank you for your hard work to add color to our tourism!
  • Thank you Zhang Chao guide care and help, along the way humorous and very detailed introduction, very knowledgeable, a lot of careful tips, for the first time to the Great Wall of my help a lot, thank you very much!
  • I've wanted to climb the Great Wall of Jinshanling for a long time, and this time I really had time to come to Beijing, so I reported the Jinshanling trip to Jinshanling in the name of Jinshanling. The tour guide, Guide Zhang Chao Zhang, was warm and thoughtful, professional and meticulous, introducing the history of the Great Wall of Beijing, the past and present of Jinshanling as well as the route and playing method of visiting the Great Wall of Jinshanling, which was very practical, professional and helpful. We had a great time today. Thank you, Mr. Zhang, and I will introduce my friends to Jinshanling Great Wall.

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  • The scenery here is beautiful and the air is warm, but the weather is not so beautiful today.
  • It's a beautiful scenery with few people, because the transportation is not too convenient.
  • It's really good, for me this Beijinger for the first time reported Jinshanling to the Great Wall to the Great Wall to play, really happy, the car guide Wang Jun seriously responsible for too good car is also neat, I reported the noon 11:00 car, to the Great Wall is hungry, went to Jinshanling their own rest area, ate buffet first, not expensive, the waiter first sent a large cup of lemonade, rice dishes. Also delicious, full of food and drink. I'm ready to climb the Great Wall, the scenery is beautiful, and then report Jinshanling in autumn.
  • As someone who swam the Great Wall more than thirty years ago, it was a wise choice to take my daughter on the Jinshanling tour today. The bus was clean and tidy, and the guide Zhou was very interesting and professional, from the warm greeting and registration at the first meeting, to the introduction of the Great Wall scenic spot on the bus, the introduction of play experience and safety advice, to take care of all aspects, the play experience is convenient, safe and pleasant. Thank you Mr. Zhou for all your hard work, and I wish Jinshanling will get better and better! I wish Jinshanling all the best and hope they will come back again in the winter to see the snowy scenery.

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  • A friend recommended Jinshanling, so I made a reservation in advance as I had the weekend off. The tour guide was Zhou, who was very humorous and interesting along the way. I had a perfect weekend, and I was planning to go to Badaling Great Wall.
  • I was planning to go to Badaling Great Wall, but then I did a walkthrough and found out that everyone was highly recommending Jinshanling Great Wall, and also mentioned that the best way to go to Jinshanling Great Wall is to take Jinshanling, but I chose the direct bus, no need to back up the bus, one and a half hours to the foot of the Great Wall, tickets and transportation with a guide to help get, and there are discounts.
  • For the first time, I took my children to the Great Wall in Jinshanling, and the experience was very good, the vehicle was brand new at eight o'clock in the morning, and I arrived at the foot of the Great Wall soon after the enthusiastic and professional explanation of the guide from Xiao Zhou, and the return time was very clear at three o'clock in the afternoon.
  • The first time to the Great Wall to choose Jinshanling is right, choose Jinshanling is wise, the whole pure play, no additional spending, the leader Tan Wei is very professional, choose Jinshanling first free ferry costs, the second is cheap to buy tickets and cable car tickets and directly to the hands of tourists praise, direct air conditioning big passenger, I also slept a sleep ha, climbing. After the Great Wall back in a special rest area, the price is also very reasonable, very satisfied, took a lot of photos, all are blockbuster feeling, super value. Once again, I would like to thank Tan Wei for his excellent presentation. I didn't come for nothing.

How to book the Jinshanling bus tour

Here is the Jinshanling bus tour program. Don't forget your 10% extra referral discount.

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