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Updated on Mar 02, 2019 Useful Info

Where to find the official current schedule of the S2 train from Beijing to Badaling

As I mentioned on my post on how to get to Badaling from Beijing, the official schedule of the S2 train that runs between Beijing and Badaling does not exist on the web. Rather, it's on the official WeChat account of Beijing City Railway (BCR). Here's how you can access the current schedule on your own (takes <1 minute, or ~5 minutes if you don't already have WeChat):

  1. Download and set up WeChat for iOS or Android. They have English version
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon on the top right to bring out the search bar
  3. Copy and paste these Chinese characters- 北京城市铁路性息平台 - into the search bar (if you're curious, it means Beijing City Railway Information Platform). If you want to type Pinyin instead, then type "beijing chengshi tielu xingxi pingtai". Click on the "Official Accounts" tab. This should be the result:User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China
  4. Click on the top/only result, it should be the one with the blue icon like in the screenshot above. This will take you to BCR's official account
  5. Once you're inside BCR's official account, click on "出行服务" (means Trip Services), which should be middle button:User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China
  6. Then click on "S2线" (meaning S2 Line) in the little tray that slides up from the bottom
  7. Then click on "列车时刻表" (means Train Schedule) with a blue bell and plus sign as icon:User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China
  8. That's it! You'll then see this page with 2 charts with the weekday (Tues-Thurs) and weekend (Fri-Mon) schedules of the S2 train (note that in these charts, "不停车" means No Stop, as in the train will skip that station). Like this:User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China