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Tibet Winter Tour: The Best Places to Go in Winter

Do you know? It is more suitable to go to Tibet in winter! There are two important traditional festivals in Tibet throughout the winter, the Lantern Festival and the Tibetan New Year, so you won't be lonely in Tibet in winter. In winter, the square in front of Dajok Monastery is filled with long-kneeling devotees who travel from all over Tibet to Lhasa on pilgrimage (the winter farming season is a time of pilgrimage for Tibetans).

Climate wise, if you're in a place where winters are incredibly cold or damp and chilly, Tibet is your best bet. It's not that cold here.

China Adventure Club explains why. The Club offers small group Tibet tour packages from 4 days around Lhasa up to 15 days to the Everest Base Camp.

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Let’s talk about some misunderstandings of friends about Tibet in winter

Misunderstanding 1: Tibet will be very cold in winter and it will snow a lot.

The winter in Lhasa begins in November each year and ends at the end of February of the following year. In the 120-day winter, the number of sunny days accounted for 90%, that is to say, at most three days in a month are rainy and snowy, and the rest are dominated by blue sky and white clouds. In these 120 days, the highest temperature during the day can reach 20 degrees, the lowest is 10 degrees, the highest temperature at night is 10 degrees, and the lowest temperature is -10 degrees. And the humidity is not high, there is no coldness.

In the urban area of Lhasa every year, except for a few heavy snowfalls at the end of March and early April, there is no snow at all in the rest of the year. Therefore, friends who want to visit Tibet in winter may be disappointed because there is no snow at all.

Misunderstanding 2: Lhasa hypoxia is very serious in winter

I told you before that the highest oxygen content in Tibet is autumn, and the relative oxygen content is about 70%. Winter is indeed the lowest oxygen content of the year. What is it? It is 3 to 4 percentage points lower than that in the autumn. What I want to say is that hypoxia when traveling to Tibet is an unchangeable fact. So what is a few percentage points lower?

Misunderstanding 3: No beautiful scenery in Tibet in winter

As mentioned earlier, Tibet is mainly sunny in winter. Many friends who have been to Tibet in summer know that due to the fog in the summer rainy season, many well-known scenic spots in Tibet require luck to see the beautiful scenery. For example, the chance of seeing Mount Everest in summer is 40%. The chances of seeing the azure blue lake and snow-capped mountains in the lake and Nam Co are also very small. There is also the Nanga Bawa Peak in Nyingchi. In summer, you can only say that you are lucky enough to buy a lottery ticket.

But when you come to Tibet in winter, you can see the above-mentioned scenery, especially Nanga Bawa Peak, with a 95% chance. Yanghu Lake and Namtso can really be said to be aesthetically tired. Coupled with the ice-covered scenes of Nam Co and Pomoyong Co, when you come to Tibet in winter, you can really see beautiful scenery that you can't even see in normal days.

Misunderstanding 4: The leaves of Tibet fall out in winter and become desolate

At this point, Linzhi, known as the "Jiangnan in Tibet," was unhappy to hear that. Don't forget that under the influence of the Yarlung Zangbo River vapor, Nyingchi is green all year round, not only the mountains, the trees, but the water is also beautiful. People say that Linzhi is an enlarged version of Jiuzhaigou. The vertical landscape of the mountain is obvious. It can be said that there are mountains (Nanjabawa Peak), water (Niyang River, Yarlung Zangbo River, Basongcuo), and forests (Lulang Linhai).

After dispelling so many misunderstandings, are you a little tempted now? Don't worry, I haven't said how to play in Tibet in winter?

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How do you come to Tibet in winter?

Program 1: Namtso One-day Tour

Usually many of my buddies will ask me if Namtso is closed in winter. Wrong! Namtso is wrong, but your idea can be really wrong.

Winter Namtso is also can play, and play very different, Zha Xi peninsula into the winter lake ice, and because of the tide, Namtso ice is not smooth ice, but the shape of the undulating ice tower. In the sunshine, the ice tower appeared blue, and glaciers are very much like, haven't seen the glacier in winter to the Namtso little friend right.

Maybe you're asking me if Namtso won't be closed in winter? Namtso winter mountain only about 10% chance of closure, the chance of snow is not very high, so do not worry too much, since you want to see the beautiful scenery, why not give it a try that 90% of it.

A little friend will ask, winter Namtso can play two days? It's not possible, because of the winter, Namtso scenic lodging and restaurants are not open, so if you want to stay in Namtso for one night, you can forget about it, after all, the temperature difference between morning and night, the night is still very difficult to endure.

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Program 2: Sheep Lake Day Trip

Sheep Lake is definitely a must-play attraction for winter travel in Tibet. Here I tell you a secret, winter sheep lake basic no ice, although the lake surface 4400 meters above sea level, but due to the winter sunshine enough (just to everyone said, daytime due to sunshine enough, temperature in zero degrees above), so sheep lake rarely freeze, even if the night of a thin layer of ice, and so the sun out after also melted. With my often say is, winter sheep lake is really beautiful too unbelievable, standing on top of the mountain, the snow mountains visible in the distance, the lake blue clear, sunshine on the face, this feeling is like being in paradise on earth, the beauty of the unspeakable.

Arrival way: sheep lake is from the city of Lhasa city nearest an attraction, personal suggestion choose to participate in the local travel agency carpool tour, choose to depart at noon, do not have to get up early, the scenery is more beautiful.

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Program 3: Day trip to Pumoyongchol

In Tibet PuMoYongCuo may be the most suitable for the season is winter. Winter time, the lake surface ice, transparent visible bottom, in the sunshine, ice lining out of the lake blue, far away from the Kula Gangri snow mountain holy mystery, walking on the ice as if in a fairy tale world, this time call three or five partners together, on the ice in all kinds of poses take pictures for the masterpiece, absolutely burst friends circle.

The famous documentary "third pole" of the ice dive a chapter, is in the winter ice of the PuMoYong wrong shooting.

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Pumoyong and the wrong shore and the world's highest administrative village - heap village (referred to as heap village), the village is built in the depth of the lake in a peninsula above, the peninsula at the end of the cliff there is a hundred years old temple, the temple of the transcendental road is built in the cliff edge, picturesque, a friend of mine said here than Greece is also beautiful.

Program 4: East Line Linzhi Line

From Lhasa, after passing through the Mira Pass and arriving at the Linzhi border, the first attraction can be a visit to Basongtso, as the Ba Songtso sacred lake, its location in the hearts of the locals is very important. There are hotels in the Basongtso scenic area, you can choose to stay overnight to experience the local folklore.

If you don't stay in Bassongtso, you can go to Linzhi next and then to the Yarlung Tsangpo River Grand Canyon. Many tourists report that the scenic area is generally nothing special, probably because of the rainy summer, a lot of scenery can not be seen, but in winter to go to the Grand Canyon focus is to be able to clearly see the full picture of Namchabawa Peak, the only season of the year can be seen almost every day.

The best place to see Namchabawa is Suosong Village, which is built on a cliff by the river, directly in front of Namchabawa Peak. Choose a homestay guesthouse and sit in the courtyard during the day, drinking sweet tea and watching slowly in the warm sunshine. When the sun sets in the evening, the sun shines on Namchabawa Peak, and the vast starry sky at night, brainstorming images, is not already very enjoyable.

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Program 6: Western route Everest

As one of the must-see places for a trip to Tibet, the Everest line has always been a popular choice. In winter, all the tents and post offices are evacuated due to limited conditions, and it is a pity that the base camp cannot accommodate overnight stays.

The only difference is that the itinerary can be shortened from four days to three days, and you can choose one night in Shigatse or one night in Tingri, which is also a reasonable arrangement.

This line can visit Karora glacier, Zashilunbu monastery and sheep lake and so on. The vision of Everest may be a into the Dingri county you can see the face, the whole thing can basically be seen in any place can be seen, which is also a major highlight of the winter Everest.

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Adventure to Tibet sounds challenging and difficult to handle. International travelers are required to book with a travel agency and get a special Tibet Travel Permit. China Adventure Club is an international China tour company with offices in the US and China. Different from any Chinese local company, China Adventure Club has very experienced Chinese American travel consultants that can answer your questions and develop a suitable travel plan for you in the language you speak.