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How to get to the Tiu Kelep waterfall in Lombok

How to get to the "Tiu Kelep" waterfall in Lombok

Before going to Indonesia, I red that Tiu Kelep is considered as the most beautiful waterfall in the world. With this pretty loud announcement and high expectation in my mind I placed it on my bucket list.

Well - the reality completely blew my mind.

User submitted photo of Tiu Kelep

Lombok island is well known for its idyllic white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water and for the adventurous hike of Mount Rinjani.

However, this Indonesian island has lots of other outdoor attractions on offer including the majestic Sendang Gile waterfall and hidden, and not for all the travelers discovered - Tiu Kelep waterfall.

How to get there

  • In the North of Lombok island and 2.5h drive from capital city you will find Senaru village.

This is the place where you need to get to.

  • To get to the waterfalls you can get a taxi or rent a scooter and travel there by yourself - 3-4 hours.
  • The entry to the park costs just 10,000IDR, less than 1Us!
  • They will also try to sell their “guide” services by making the waterfall seem difficult to reach without their knowledge and expertise… don't believe it!

The first waterfall is Sendang Gile which is smaller than the Tui Kelep waterfall.

  • It only takes about 40 minutes to trek to the bigger and better Tui Kelep waterfall where you will walk through beautiful lush green rainforest and running streams. The dirt path on the left from Sendang, will take you on the other side of the bridge and the mighty Tiu Kelep. Senaru’s best kept secret will emerge in front of your eyes.

Once you arrive at the waterfall base, you can swim in the very fresh and very cold crystal-clear water.

It was absolutely mesmerizing!

Where to stay

I’d definitely recommend staying as close as possible to this waterfall as ideally you’d want to get there early to avoid the crowds and spend as much time as you wish

  • I stayed at beautiful bungalow called, Pondok Guru Bakti.

It had gorgeous views of the mountains, lovely sun terrace, wifi and delicious food.