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Todra Gorge canyon

Once I heard of Todra Gorge canyon in High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, near the town of Tinerhir, I had a dream to go there.

The canyon takes its most spectacular form about 15 km from Tinghir.

Here, for about 500 meters, the valley walls close into a mere 10 meters from each other, while the steep and smooth rock walls rise up to 180 meters on each side.

It is said that the gigantic rock walls magically change color through the day.

Once you hike in the majestic palm groves and reach the friendly Berber villagers of Todra Gorge - Morocco will never be the same for you.

Here, both the Todra and Dades Rivers have carved out cliff-sided canyons on their final stretch through the mountains, leaving behind this series of reliefs and cuts in the rock.

User submitted photo of Todra Gorge

An ice-cold river, which at one point in time, carried great quantities of water has since dried up and reduced to a tiny glacier stream. Now - a well-maintained asphalt road leads all the way from Tinerhir to the gorge and beyond it.

The canyon is a popular tourist destination and has been provided over the last years with trekking paths and well-maintained dirt roads that visitors can hike along, although they must share it with mules and other local pack animals.

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After you arrive into the tiny, non-touristy town of Tinghir, and checked into the hotel, take a taxi to Todra Gorge, it will take around 15-minute ride by the car.

From there, you have several options for a hike.

One of the most popular is the 14km hike through Todra Gorge canyon back to Tinghir city. It is estimated to complete the trek in 3-4 hours.

After you cross the river behind the trees and bushes you will find the slightest hint of a path leading you uphill.

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If you feel getting lost, don't worry, locals are very friendly and will be happy to invite you into their family home and help to show you the right way while offering a warm mint tea.

Time by time during the walk, locals would come over to us and chat. They would ask where we were going and point us in the right direction. So there is no chance to get lost :D

Also, the kids came up trying to speak to us and offering us fruits.

So actually, there was no reason to bring our own lunch-box as we had free tea and fruits offered by locals. :)))

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Todra Gorge is a breathtaking, peaceful, flat and a surprisingly green hike.

Surprisingly we were the only two tourists around.

Proving that there are numerous places in Morocco to visit, yet it’s still pretty untraversed.

It surely was a magical afternoon that I would highly suggest to everyone.

What else to do in Todra Gorge

  • A paradise for climbers

In 1977 by a group of French climbers began developing this sport in the Todra Gorge. Four decades later, the number of routes exceeds three hundred fifty and activity continues to increase.

How to get there

  • By Car

Renting a car is not necessary for the Todra Gorge, though it can make logistics simpler while hiking.

All major car hire companies have offices at Marrakech and Agadir airports.

The drive from Marrakech to Tinghir takes approximately 5 hours 45 minutes via the infamous Tichka Pass - a twisting mountain road that is busy with lorries, and sometimes closed due to bad weather in the winter months.

  • By Bus

From Marrakech, Fez, Agadir or any other major city in Morocco is possible to travel by bus to Tinerhir.

Check out the local bus company called - "CTM"