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Submitted on Feb 23, 2019 Useful Info

Best time to visit Tongli, China

Peak Season:

  • March April May: Spring, misty rain, light fog, best time to visit and for photos!
  • Sept Oct Nov

Low Season:

  • Jun July Aug (makes it a perfect weekend get away in the summer when everywhere else is crowded!)
  • Dec Jan Feb

Ideally don't go during the weekends when it's peak season, it will be very crowded which reduces the charm of the little town (and definitely ruins the photos). We went on a weekend in low season it was alright

I highly recommend to stay overnight to avoid crowds as the early morning and late night the town is pretty free from tourists who arrive normally around 10am and leave before 7pm. A home stay costs only around 150rmb/ night

User submitted photo of Tongli