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Updated on Feb 23, 2019 Useful Info

How to reach Tongli in China

Tongli is an old water town near Suzhou, which is really easy to get drive to from Shanghai. One can also train to suzhou then take a bus for just 30min from the station to arrive to Tongli.

Bus to Tongli:

  • very frequent from any bus terminals in suzhou. you can check schedule at: where you can buy tickets too
  • eg:
  • from Suzhou South Bus Terminal there is a bus every 30min, runs from 7:30am - 5:45pm. ticket cost 8rmb. Ride time 35min
  • from Suzhou North Bus Terminal (near Suzhou Railway Station) there is a bus every hour, runs from 8am - 5:05pm.cost 8rmb. Ride time 40min
  • from Suzhou North Railway Station (the bus section is west of the railway station) there is a bus every 30min, runs from 5:50am - 6pm.cost 8rmb. Ride time 1hr

Attention: if anyone approaches you outside the station claiming to be from tour agencies and can get cheap tickets, ignore them! They sell day tickets to you while if you buy the real tickets you get go also the next day.