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All you Need to Know About the Best Prepaid Simcards for tourists in Toronto, Canada

I lived in Toronto for 2 years and in all that time I discovered the 7 Best prepaid sim cards for tourists visiting the city of Toronto.

Prepaid sim cards in Toronto Summary

  1. NEVER buy a roaming sim card, instead buy any local Canadian Simcard.
  2. Roaming Sim cards in Toronto are the MOST expensive, while local Canadian Sim cards are the cheapest.

The following brief exhausts all you need to know about:

  1. The pay as you go prepaid sim cards in the city of Toronto.
  2. The best networks in the city.
  3. Some of the sim cards that can be purchased online.
  4. The cost of the prepaid sim cards.

Where to purchase prepaid sim cards in Toronto

  • I highly recommend not purchasing the ones sold at the Toronto International Airport.
  • They are very costly and will drain a good sum of cash from your travelling Budget.
  • The best prepaid sim cards are found in Internet Service Providers in Malls.
  • Carry any Identification Documents e.g. passport or ID.

Online Prepaid Sim Cards in Toronto

  • By buying one of the online prepaid sim cards in Toronto, you are actually saving a lot of time, energy and resources spent on obtaining one.

These are the 3 Best Prepaid Sim Cards in Toronto

AT & T Smart Data X

  • Costs around USD 79.9.
  • Has the following features:
  • A 30 GB data plan to be used in any part of Canada.
  • It's a 30 day data plan.
  • An unlimited calls and sms across USA, Mexico and Canada.

T- Mobile Happy Data S

  • Costs around 69.9 USD.
  • A 15 day 5 GB data plan to be used across Canada and Mexico.
  • An unlimited calls and sms to Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico.

True Move Smart Traveller

  • It the cheapest, costing around 39.9 USD.
  • A 15 day 5 GB data plan to be used across Canada.

Internet Service Providers in Canada

  • They comprise the 4 remaining best prepaid sim cards:
  • Bell Canada
  • Rogers
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Telus Mobility