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Must have items during your trip to Trinidad and Tobago

For so many nature enthusiasts, Trinidad and Tobago is a country that you may have heard of or have thought of visiting.

I mean what is better than a relatively undisturbed island in the Caribbean rainforest. It is rich in natural sights to behold and so many bird species. It also has beautiful beaches that all swimming lovers wpuld definitely want to try out.

However, before you start your adventure to Trinidad and Tobago there are a few things that you ought yo take with you.

  • Be sure to alsways carry a rain coat with you. The nature of the country is that of a rain forest. During your hikes or adventures, a short and sharp thunderstorm may catch up to you and you better be prepared.
  • Be sure to take with you travel pills. This is a new country a d cases of allergies and those travel diseases may catch up to you. Carry antibiotics, antihistamine for the allergies and also pain sprays. These may come in handy in very crucial situations.
  • Take with you bug repellent. This is a tropical country and so many bugs are common. You would be wise to prepare yourself. Also during the hikes, you may need bug repellent from the many bugs in the wild.
  • Carry a variety of footwear and long trousers. Long trousers help with protecting you put in the jungle and during the trips. Also a variety footwear is advised as the heavy downpour may lead to muddy conditions. To manoeuvre, you would need good shoes.
  • You could also tip the unofficial tour guide who will show you around the villages and also occasionally show you very romantic and beautiful spots in the island. If you do not require their assistance, a firm "no, thank you" would suffice.
  • Invest in good binoculars and camera, because the nature is breathtaking and the photos will be worth it. A good binoculars will allow you to see the birds that may be at a distance.