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How to travel Tunisia by train

  • The rail service in Tunisia runs between Tunis, Sousse, Sfax, El Jem, Touzeur and Gabes.

Tunisia rail map

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  • The main train lines run north-south from Tunis - Gabes via Sousse and Sfax.
  • This route also has more frequent service and also enjoys a faster express service.
  • This train service is run by the government and it's online. You can book by clicking here
  • You cannot book earlier than 3 days before your trip.
  • Details of price and time are also available on the website.
  • Children aged 0- 3 years travel free, those between ages 4- 10 pay subsidized fare and everyone else above 10 years pay full fare.
  • Tunis also has an inter-town train system that connects the city center to the suburbs.


  • There are normally 3 classes of trains: second class, first class, and comfort.
  • Most people here actually find first class and comfort to be almost the par, the major difference is that comfort has fewer passengers than first class. There's no need to incur an extra expense by going for comfort, first class is just as good.
  • First class has bigger seats than second class.
  • There's an onboard restaurant that serves all 3 classes but be sure to carry your own snacks during Ramadhan as the restaurant is closed during this time.