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Great Staycation Ideas for Families

If for whatever reason you have decided to forgo leisure travel this year, look no further than your own home and neighborhood as the basis for a perfect staycation. Forget about hauling your luggage to the airport or driving across the country, these stay home trips can be just as fun and memorable.

Island Paradise

You may have dreamed of going to Hawaii or the Maldives, but you can create an island paradise in your own backyard with a little planning. Take the long view on getting ready so that you can anticipate “arriving” at your destination. Contact a backyard landscaper who can help you design custom pools Las Vegas surrounded by a lush garden of flowering plants and shady trees. Add some twinkly lights and a Bluetooth speaker to create the perfect atmosphere. Research poolside cocktails for the adults and fun sparkling drinks for the kids. Grill or order in something easy like pizza so that everyone can enjoy being on “island time.” No shoes allowed!

Foodie’s Delight

For some people, the best part about going on vacation is getting a break from cooking and getting to try different types of cuisine. You can bring this concept to your own staycation. Choose a theme such as “all around the world” and pick 5-7 restaurants that serve food from different cultures. Each night set the dining table with the nice China and order from one of the restaurants. Light candles to set the atmosphere and play music from that region. Because you are saving money on transportation and sleeping at home, splurge on a week of great meals. Another option is to order from all the top-rated restaurants in your city or to let everyone in the family pick a restaurant to order from each night.

Spa Weekend

Nothing is more relaxing than going to the spa, but if you’re sticking close to home, create your own spa. First, order some luxury supplies like mud and foot masques, massage oil, sugar scrub and leave-in hair conditioner. Next purchase a new plush robe and slippers from everyone in the family. Create a spa menu and let each person “order” 2-3 treatments (including getting an uninterrupted soak in the tub for adults). Spread out each person’s spa day, so that on that day, the “client” gets all the attention. Serve hydrating beverages and healthy snacks. Even youngsters can get in on the action by giving hand massages with high-quality lotion.

Neighborhood Bingo

If you like more active vacations, create a neighborhood Bingo game that the entire family can play while taking a daily walk. Choose one of the free printable Bingo websites and start brainstorming everything you might see in your neighborhood such as a child riding a bike, a yellow car, two squirrels in the same tree, a working sprinkler, a holiday wreath on a front door, a garden gnome, a neighbor who waves, etc. The possibilities are endless. Print multiple cards and hand out a new one to each family member each walk. Decide on a few simple prizes like a double scoop of ice cream or winner gets to decide on a game from the game closet.

Movie Marathon

There are plenty of great movie series that the whole family can watch over several nights. Plan a week-long movie marathon featuring a set of movies such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Home Alone or Star Wars depending on the age group. Another theme could be five favorite Disney movies or all movies featuring a family favorite actor like Will Ferrell. Plan for a different snack each night such as popcorn, candy, ice cream, popsicles or brownies. Turn the living room into a home theatre with blankets and pillows.

Sure, it would be nice to take a cruise of the Greek Isles this year, but if that’s not in the cards, there are plenty of ways to make your staycation fun and memorable.