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How To Decide Which Type of Travel Is Best for You

After weeks of quarantine stuck between the same four walls, everyone could use a faraway vacation. When travel can be done safely, you'll likely find some great prices. Until then, it's fun to fantasize about all the different kinds of trips. If you're on the fence about what type of getaway is best for you, you've got plenty of options. Here are six points to ponder when plotting your escape, along with all the good and bad.

You Want To Get Now

The most popular way to travel today is flying. If you're traversing over several continents, air travel is the quickest way to do it. You can be almost anywhere in the world in under a day and if you have a flexible schedule, you can snag some rock-bottom prices. Most people enjoy flying and are willing to put up with the few negative aspects like security checkpoints and long lines. Weather is another factor to consider. Flying during the winter months can result in delays and cancellations due to inclement weather.

You're Looking for the Best Value

Most people dream about the ultimate vacation--an action-packed cruise! There's simply no better value for your money than cruising. Whether you're interested in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexico or a tropical Hawaii cruise, you'll find an itinerary that suits you. The beauty of cruising is that you get several destinations all on one trip. You'll never have to worry about lodging because your room is right at the dock. You can also relax while sailing, or take advantage of all the on-board entertainment and food. The only downfall to cruising is having to leave the beautiful ports of call!

The Words "Road Trip" Excite You

If packing the car and hitting the open road speaks to your heart, you've got lots of company. There's no better way to see the country close-up than by car. When you drive, you have the luxury of stopping at any time. See a great photo op? Stop and take it. Want to make a rest stop? Go ahead! Mapping out a trip before you leave allows you to select the most scenic roads, landmarks and restaurants along the way. Your biggest worries on a road trip are stopping for gas and risk of a breakdown. As long as you inspect your car before heading off, and keep your auto club number handy, you're good to go!

You Have a Thing for Trains

A lot of people don't think about rail travel as a vacation option, but it's a wonderful way to travel. Seeing a country by train gives you similar benefits of a road trip without having to drive! You'll have front seat views of mountains, rivers and all the cities on your route. If you're traveling within Europe, trains will get you between all the major cities efficiently and economically. The only obstacle to rail travel is having to make several connections if you're on a long journey, but this is a small payoff when you consider the splendid views.

You're Traveling Alone

More people than ever are choosing to travel on guided motorcoach excursions, especially if traveling alone. These luxurious buses are comfortable and afford gorgeous views. Trips are available for quick one-day getaways or multi-day stay overs. Traveling by bus allows you to make new friends and you'll be escorted to points of interest along the way. The only drawback is that you're offered little time to explore on your own. However, bus tours rate as one of the most enjoyable and worry-free ways to vacation.

You Have Time To Plan

When selecting a vacation, there are as many ways to travel, and itineraries to choose from, as there are willing travelers. Right now, time is on your side and you can sift through all your options. As you narrow down what you'd like to see, how much free time you've got and how many are traveling, you can begin weighing the pros and cons of your dream trip.