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Planning a Trip Away with Your Girlfriends and Why You Should Definitely Do It

User submitted photo of United States of AmericaTaking a low-stress vacation with your favorite girlfriends is good for you. As quoted on Time's website, Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne claims that taking a vacation has mental health benefits. How often do you get the chance to go on an adventure with your favorite people, the ones that make you laugh and understand you best?

Why Take a Trip with Your Girlfriends

There are so many good reasons to "grab your favorite girls and go" that the list could get very long. Bustle points out that one practical reason to hit the road with friends in tow is for safety. As the saying goes, there is safety in numbers. Nothing kills your joy faster than a mugging or being afraid.

It's also cheaper to split costs than to take on the burden yourself. Why spend all your money on your room or on gas when you can split the costs. That means you have more money for entertainment and shopping.

Shopping and exploring new cities and landmarks with your friends makes the adventure twice as nice. Take time to treat yourself by visiting a spa or shopping for beverly hills md products for a self-care night in your hotel. You are sure to come home with some special inside jokes and memories that will make you feel even closer to those special women in your life.

Planning Your Trip

Planning the trip is key for enjoying it to the fullest. Anyone who has ever made a mess of the planning stage of a vacation can tell you the pitfalls sure to come your way if you don't put some effort into taking care of the details upfront. Horror stories abound detailing accounts of getting lost, nonexistent room reservations or dirty rooms, missed flights and lousy destinations not worth the trip.

Top Picks for a Memorable Trip with Your Gal Pals

If you and your friends are in search of fun in the sun, then there are plenty of choice spots to consider. If you'd rather stay stateside closer to the west coast, then you should definitely check out San Diego and Las Vegas. In fact, you could trek over to RV Rental San Diego and drive in style from San Diego to Las Vegas and not miss a beat. Why drive across the desert in a rental car, when you could make it a party in a relaxing RV. In fact, if you have the time, a quick trip to Sedona, Arizona is not out of the question. All three of these hotspots are relatively close together and highly recommended.

There are no shortage of choices of interesting and exciting vacation spots on the east coast. Charleston is full of southern hospitality and history worthy of any sightseer's curiosity. Redbook recommends a walk around Riley Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row and Boone Hall Plantation to embrace the flavor of the city. Be sure to save time for The Beach Club located at Charleston Harbor Resort where being pampered has become an art form.

Other cities to consider on the east coast are Watch Hill, Rhode Island or Miami Florida. Depending on whether you want to go north or south, these two destinations are sure to show you a different slice of life to appreciate. Whether you prefer New England's quaint charm or the hot "sassy" influence of Miami's nightlife, check these two out for possible destination spots.


Vacations are meant to be shared with people you love. While there is something to be said for family vacations and romantic getaways, what could be more fun than a carefree road trip with trusted friends.

There is no need to keep the kids entertained or drag a sulking man along for a shopping trip he does not want to endure. Your girlfriends likely share a lot of your same interests, so the trip is sure to be loaded with hassle-free good times that will make you want to plan your next vacation together as soon as you get home.