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The Benefits of Living In Florida

Are you looking to make a big change? People of all ages move to Florida for all types of reasons. Maybe you have an excellent job offer in the state. Perhaps you're tired of the snow and cold that comes with living in a northern state. Maybe you're just a nomadic type who likes to discover new places every few years. Regardless of why you are thinking about a big move, one thing is certain: Florida has a lot to offer its residents. Here are just five of the top reasons to live in Florida.

1. You Won't Pay State Income Tax

Who doesn't love to save money? You'll do just that if you decide to move to Florida. The state doesn't require you to pay taxes on your earned income, which means you save money throughout the year. You can put your extra income toward retirement, save it for an emergency, or simply use it for all the fun activities that you'll find in the state. Florida's property tax and sales tax rates are low as well, providing you with even more money in your pocket.

2. It Has the Best Beaches in America

If you love spending your days off with your toes in the sand, Florida is the perfect spot for you. The state's world-famous beaches are popular among tourists and residents alike. From the 1,700 islands that make up the Florida Keys to the small town charm of the Atlantic Beach, there is an option for everyone. Find a place to don your hottest swimsuit and party it up with the spring break crowd, or grab your sunscreen and head out for a fun-filled day with the family.

3. You Can Switch to Solar Power

Florida is one of the sunniest places in the world, making it a prime spot for anyone who wants to switch to solar power. Homes and businesses that use Florida solar panels help to protect the environment from energy-related air pollution, and they do it by saving on their utility bills and earning federal tax credits. Many solar companies offer financing or leasing options to increase affordability options.

4. Residents Get Discounts to Major Attractions

Disney World. Universal Studios. Breakers Resort. Dozens of popular attractions are dotted all throughout Florida, and residents of the states often receive steep discounts to visit them. Seek out the best deals during late spring, late summer, and early fall months. Tourism is down during these times, so attractions offer the steepest discounts to keep business up. Of course, many of these attractions also offer year-round passes that potentially allow you to save hundreds of dollars on multiple visits to your favorite places.

5. The State Is a Haven for Cultural Diversity

Perhaps one of the best reasons to move to Florida is the cultural diversity. Between the residents and tourists, you'll meet people of all ages and from all walks of life. Whether someone was born and raised in Miami or moved to Florida from the other side of the world, everyone has a story, and many are willing to tell theirs. Florida's melting pot means you'll have access to authentic cuisine, gorgeous art, all types of local music, and a range of other cultural activities that appeal to all types of interests.

Moving to Florida isn't something to do overnight. First, research the state's big cities, medium-sized cities, and small towns to determine which area might work for you. Next, decide on your budget for purchasing a home in the state. When searching for a home and determining your cost of living in Florida, remember to factor in things like hurricane insurance and whether you'll need to update any home you purchase to withstand hurricane weather. Depending on how far north you live now, you may even need to budget to buy a new wardrobe for the warmer weather. As long as you take your time to complete your move and ensure it is all in order, living in Florida will be the experience of a lifetime!



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