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Hitting the road in Uzbekistan

THE SILK ROUTE....I just had to move along this historical road. Connecting East Asia to West Asia the road passes through Uzbekistan, with its rich culture, monumental architecture and exotic cities I chose to go on a road trip in Uzbekistan with my girlfriends and we moved along the silk routes. Here is how it all went down!


  • We got in touch with a tour company in Uzbekistan that had been recommended to us by a friend and made the necessary arrangements on how we'll move around when there.
  • Since we visited in April the heat wasn't that much and for clothes, I packed some loose tees, loose pants, sundresses, and headscarves.
  • The locals like to cover up so I kept the clothes that show so much skin away while packing for this trip.

Getting there

  • From Nairobi, we flew for 16 hours to Tashkent, Uzbekistan via Cairo and Istanbul.
  • There are many airlines that have flights to Tashkent.

Tashkent city

User submitted photo of Uzbekistan

  • Since we were really exhausted we went to rest in preparation for our road trip the next day.

The road trip

  • We set out the next morning in a land rover defender for the road trip.
  • We shopped for toiletries, snacks, and drinks before we set off to avoid any inconveniences.
  • We had been advised to find the motels we'll sleep at while on the road so plans were already in place for the same.
  • During the trip, we dressed simply. No expensive jewels, fancy clothes or heavy makeup.
  • The roads are quite dusty hence we avoided wearing white clothes.
  • We had been given a designated driver by our tour agency. None of the girls or I had moved along that route before and we couldn't risk getting lost.
  • Talking of routes ....this is the route we moved along:

User submitted photo of Uzbekistan

  • From Tashkent, we moved along the silk road to Khiva then to Bukhara to Samarkand and back to Tashkent.
  • I also enjoyed some plov, roasted mutton, and other Uzbek cuisines along the way. I think I gained around 5kgs because of those dishes ......I never seemed to get enough.
  • Security along the way was good. We didn't face any issue and the roads were filled with many other travelers. The only challenge we faced is lack of phone network in the wild so we had to wait until we arrived in towns to make calls.
  • To remember my trip to Uzbekistan, I got these ceramic souvenirs:

User submitted photo of Uzbekistan

TILL NEXT TIME! or as they say in Uzbekistan KEYING VAQTDA QADAR!!!


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