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Submitted on Jun 10, 2019 Useful Info

Best time of the year to visit Vang Vieng

  • Generally speaking the best time to visit Vang Vieng is the dry season from October to April every year. Particularly, November and February is the best time to visit Vang Vieng because the temperature is also very comfortable at high 20 degrees celsius in the day
  • But it also depends on what you want to do. Vang Vieng is known among backpackers for tubing, where you ride a rubber tube down the river while drinking along the way. Today tubing is much less prevalent than 6 years ago, when it peaked and Vang Vieng became notorious for drunk parties and bad safety cause lots of tourists to die
  • For tubing: to enjoy tubing the best time to do so is the first few months of the dry season (November-February). In the later months of the dry season (March - May), the water level may be too low to enjoy tubing comfortably
  • If you like peace and quiet: early rain season (May - July) is a good time to visit because there are far fewer tourists and backpackers around during this time. Rain is obviously an issue but it's not as bad as July and August. Rain also replenishes all the rivers and lakes around here so you really get the Vang Vieng's vibe during this time of the year