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How to visit Victoria Falls from Zambia

  • Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. It straddles both Zambia and Zimbabwe, but 75% of it is in Zimbabwe and most of the best view points are in Zimbabwe
  • I spent 3 days 2 nights there, basing myself in Livingstone, which is the town closest to the falls on the Zambian side only about 10km away. A taxi from the town to the fall was only around US$13
  • A note on visa: I got the multiple-entry visa to Zambia at the Livingstone airport. The reason was that I wanted to go to the Zimbabwe side of the falls, and that means leaving Zambia and then coming back again. If you plan to do this (and I really recommend you do since the views from Zimbabwe side was so much better), make sure you ask for the multiple entry visa, or they'll give you single by default
  • You should first ask for something called Uni Visa, and see if it's available. The benefit of uni visa is that it's also good for Zimbabwe so you don't need to get another visa when you go to Zimbabwe
  • The multiple entry visa I got costs US$80, Uni Visa supposedly costs US$50 but I didn't see it when I was there
  • 1 full day is enough to see the falls. It's spectacular but you can only spend so much time looking at a waterfall. I only spent 1 full day there and I saw the falls from both the Zambian side and Zimbabwe side. If you don't want the day to be too hectic you can stretch it out over 2 days, 1 day on the Zambian side and 1 day on the Zimbabwe side
  • Day 1:
  • The day I got there I didn't do much, just lounged around in my hotel, walked around Livingstone a bit (there's nothing to do there), and caught up on admin stuff like charging my camera
  • Day 2 (main sightseeing day):
  • Next morning I had my hotel get a taxi for me. The park opened at 6am (hours are 6am-6pm everyday in September-May; 630am-6pm everyday May-September). The ride was super quick. I left at 630am and got to the park before 7
  • Make sure to tell the taxi to go to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, which is the name of the park that the falls is in on the Zambian side. There's a town called Victoria Falls in the Zimbabwe side, and the taxi driver might try to take you across the border
  • The park entrance fee was US$20. They asked for my passport so make sure to bring yours. They took credit card (visa and mastercard) so that was nice. Keep in mind the $20 payment is for a single entry to the park. If you plan to go back to the park the next day you'll have to pay it again
  • Inside the park there are trails you can just follow and explore on your own. The main thing on the Zambian side is to get up and close to the falls (I got really wet), but 2-3 hour was sufficient
  • After that I walked to the border post (hours are 6am to 10pm), crossed the Victoria Falls bridge to the Zimbabwe side. And then got into the Zimbabwe side of the park (US$30 entrance fee! Cash only), and then spent about 5 hours there just walking around and taking pictures
  • Day 3:
  • Just lounged around, packed, and flew out

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