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Submitted on Jan 19, 2020 Useful Info

Best way to get to the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

  • Victoria Peak (often simply called The Peak) is one of the best places to view Hong Kong's dense skyline. It's the highest point in HK, and as such usually ranked as one of the best things to do in the city. Here's a view of Hong Kong from the Peak around sunrise:User submitted photo of Victoria Peak
  • Getting to the Peak is pretty straightforward. You can do it in one of 4 ways:
  1. The Peak Tram: the most popular way to get to the top but queue can be long. Overall the best way to get there
  2. Taxi: the easiest way to get to the Peak but pretty pricey
  3. Bus: the cheapest way to get to the Peak and great for budget travelers
  4. Walk: not really recommended, it's a very long and strenuous walk. Only do this if you're looking to hike

1. The Peak Tram:

  • This is a funicular train that takes visitors from the base station located in the financial district all the way to the top. This is the most popular way for visitors to get to the Peak, because the tram has been around for over 130 years, is the steepest funicular in the world, so it itself is an attraction to experienceUser submitted photo of Victoria Peak
  • To board the tram, you need to go to the base station, officially called the Peak Tram Lower Terminus, and is located at 33 Garden Road in Central (Google Maps link). The best way to get there is to take the MTR to either Central or Admiralty station on the blue Island Line. From either station it's about a 15-minute walk to the base station of the tram. The base station looks like this (Lat: 22.277706, Lng: 114.159491):User submitted photo of Victoria Peak
  • Tickets for the tram: the tram is not free, and it costs HKD$37 (USD$4.75) for one-way and HKD$52 (USD$6.7) for return trip as of 2020. Most people buy the return ticket for obvious reasons. You can also get a "Sky Pass" which allows you to take the tram and access the Sky Terrace 428, which is on top of this tower on the Peak, where you can get an amazing view of the city. However, you don't necessarily need to go to Sky Terrace 428 to get a great view of the city. The public viewing deck at Lions Pavilion(located here) is right next to the tower and is absolutely free
  • How to buy tram tickets: you can just buy the tram ticket at the entrance with cash HKD, credit card, or Octopus Card. You can also buy online through Victoria Peak's official website, but there's no real advantage of buying online ahead
  • How to skip the line: the queue for tram can be quite long when there are large mainland tour groups coming, or around sunsets. On these times, you may have to wait 60-120 minutes (since the protests in 2019 this hasn't really been an issue, but I suspect it will return to this level sooner or later). There's no official fast pass tickets sold, but you can use the tour group line (which is usually shorter) if you buy the ticket through Klook, specifically this ticket
  • The tram takes about 7 minutes to get to the top so it's very fast. The tram runs everyday between 7am and midnight, including on holidays

2. Taxi:

  • Many people don't know that it's possible to get to the Peak without having to take the tram. There are actual roads that go all the way to the peak
  • So it's totally possible take a taxi to the Peak. This is obviously the easiest way to get to the Peak but it's going to cost you quite a bit. Here's the approximate fare to the Peak from various spots in Hong Kong using Uber (taxi will cost similar):
  • From Central: HKD$120 (USD$15.5)
  • From Wan Chai: HKD$160 (USD$21)
  • Form Sheung Wan: HKD$120 (USD$15.5)
  • From Causeway Bay: HKD$135 (USD$17.4)
  • From Tsim Sha Tsui: HKD$300 (USD$39)
  • From Mong Kok: HKD$330 (USD$42.5)
  • From Disneyland: HKD$300 (USD$39)
  • From Hong Kong International Airport: HKD$380 (USD$49)
  • Personally I recommend using Uber in Hong Kong because it's easy and you can pay by credit card. Using metered taxi is totally fine and very safe in Hong Kong (cost about the same as Uber), but you can only pay by cash or Octopus Card as they do not take credit cards
  • In Uber, search for and pick "Victoria Peak" as your destination. If you're flagging a taxi on the street and the driver doesn't speak any English, just tell them to go to "太平山", which is the Chinese name for the Peak

3. Bus:

  • There are a number of public buses you can take from Central and Wan Chai area to get to the Peak. This is the cheapest way to get to the Peak
  • Buses take 40-60 minutes to get to the Peak from Central and Wan Chai, depending on traffic condition
  • Bus fares are very low, ranging from HKD$9.2 to HKD$12.3 (USD$1.2-$1.6) per passenger each way. You pay the fare onboard with cash or Octopus Card. This is the most economical way to get to the Peak, next to walking
  • Here are the 2 bus routes you can take:
  1. Minibus #1: departs from IFC (specifically this spot), costs HKD$9.2 and runs every 10-12 minutes between 6:3am and midnight; coming down from the Peak between 7:10am and 0:25amUser submitted photo of Victoria Peak
  2. Bus Route 15: the standard HK double decker bus, departing from Central Ferry Pier 5 (this exact spot) every 7-15 minutes between 10:15am and 0:15am, returning from the Peak between 9:10am and 1am. Costs HKD$10.3 (USD$1.3)User submitted photo of Victoria Peak
  • Besides the two regular buses mentioned above, there are 2 additional Sunday- and holiday-only buses to accommodate the additional visitors:
  1. Bus Route X15: this bus is only available on Sundays and public holidays in the evening peak hours, departing from Central Ferry Pier 6 (this exact spot) every hour between 4:30pm and 9:30pm, returning from the Peak between 5:30am and 10:30pm. Costs HKD$12.4 (USD$1.6)
  2. Bus Route 15B: departs from Wan Chai Bus Terminal (located here next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre) every 20 minutes between midnight and 7pm, returning from the Peak between 0:40am and 7:40pm. Costs HKD$12.4 (USD$1.6)

4. Walk/Hike:

  • I don't recommend walking up to the Peak as a mode of transportation because it takes a long time and in most times of the year Hong Kong is too hot for hiking. So only do this if you're doing it for the sake of hiking, rather than as a means to get to the Peak
  • Walking takes 1-1.5 hours each way from Central MTR station, and the road is uphill and can be steep at some parts so it's best if you're physically fit
  • Here's what you should bring: a large bottle of water to stay hydrated and put on lots of sunscreen. Dress light and wear sneakers or hiking shoes because this is not a walk in the park
  • You basically need to follow the Old Peak Road, which will take you all the way to the top
  1. Old Peak Road starts at this spot, located in the Mid-Levels neighborhood in Hong Kong. From Central MTR station it takes about 30-40 minutes to walk to this spot, it's an uphill walk with a 175-meter (575-foot) increase in elevation
  2. This is what the Old Peak Road looks like:User submitted photo of Victoria Peak
  3. Follow this path all the way to the top. It's a 222-meter (728-foot) increase in elevation. Depending on your physical condition, this walk will take anywhere between 30-50 minutes. This is the walk path in Google Maps (here's the link):User submitted photo of Victoria Peak