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Updated on Mar 29, 2020 Useful Info

How much to tip in Vietnam for various services

  • From my experience traveling in Vietnam, I found its tipping culture to be similar to other surrounding Southeast Asian countries, summarized as: you don't have to tip for the vast majority of things, but it's a nice gesture
  • In the tipping guide below I'll talk about the different types of businesses and where you are and aren't expected to tip

  • Places you don't have to tip and will not be judged at all if you don't tip:
  1. Taxi, private cars, any form of transportation
  2. Restaurants, from low end to high end. No one expects you to tip, but they could include a service charge in your bill which then is mandatory. If it's not on your bill, you don't have to give anything extra
  3. Coffee shops, similar to restaurants, you don't have to tip at coffee shops

  • Places where tipping is more common for visitors and will be appreciated:
  1. Hotels. If you get helped by a bellhop, tipping is a nice gesture. 20,000VND (~$1USD) will do
  2. Spas, barbers, salons, massage. If you get services at these kinds of places. Any amount of tip will be appreciated, but as a rule of thumb 5-10% of the price is the range that most tippers give
  3. Bars. Tipping will make you look like a baller, but it's certainly not expected. I have no idea how much people tip at bars, but I'm sure if you tip the same here as you did at home, it will suffice

  • Where tipping is expected:
  1. Tour guides, especially in smaller and/or private groups. If you hire them for any amount of time, you're expected to tip. The rule of thumb is $5USD per person per 1/2 day, or $10USD per person per day of tour. You can tip in either VND or USD, guides don't usually care
  2. Sex workers. If you use them, you must remember to tip the service provider above and beyond whatever the price is. This is because the official price you pay is split between the house/agency and the provider, and the provider doesn't get a lot. They are expected to make the bulk of their income from the tips. Tip varies, but it's totally ok to check with whatever agency you're using how much you should tip. I've heard a wide range from $30USD to $100USD, which the average seemingly being $50USD