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How to get a Sim card in New Zealand

New Zealand has one of the best-prepaid sim cards policy for tourists. There’s a range of travel prepaid sim cards to get from any of the three telco service providers in New Zealand; Vodafone, Spark and 2Degrees

Where to get sim cards in New Zealand

  • You can get Vodafone sim cards at a lower price if you purchase the sim card at the duty-free area of Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington airport. If you purchase your Vodafone sim card at any of these areas you don’t pay the 15% tax on any package you buy.
  • You can get Spark sim cards at phone boxes, supermarkets, large stationery shops, and electronic shops.
  • Cheapest prepaid Vodafone plans start at $29 and include 1.5 GB data, 50 international minutes, and 200 NZ minutes.
  • Cheapest Spark plan also starts at the same price. But comes with 1GB data.
  • 2 Degrees is a relatively new network in New Zealand and doesn’t have a very wide 4G coverage. Their sim cards cost $5.

Best prepaid option for travelers

  • Spark’s Skinny brand has best-prepaid data plans
  • Skinny doesn’t have physical stores, but you an order a Skinny sim card online on their website and have it delivered to your address if you have a New Zealand address, if not you can easily get these sim cards at supermarkets and most retail stores.
  • For Skinny cards you have to activate the sim card yourself, dial 456 to activate it. You don't need your passport or identification to activate it.
  • I’m able to top up my skinny card through their website using my international credit card. Plus I can monitor my packages on their app.