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Place to visit in Wiesbaden! you will have a beautiful view on the city and, when sunny, the great opportunity to visit the swimming pool placed on the top of the hill.

The Nerobergbahn is a funicular railway in the city of Wiesbaden, Germany. The line links the city with the Neroberg hill to its north, where visitors may view a panorama of the city.

The line opened in 1888, and is one of the few funiculars with water propulsion. At the upper station, tanks on the downbound car are filled with up to 7,000 litres (1,500 imp gal; 1,800 US gal) of water to ensure that it is heavier than the upbound car. The downbound car then pulls the upbound car uphill with a 452-metre (1,483 ft) long steel cable. When the downbound carriage arrives at the lower station, the water is discharged and pumped uphill.

In 1939, it was planned to convert the line to electric propulsion and to provide larger cars, but the outbreak of World War II prevented this. The line was taken out of service in 1944 due to war damage, and service was restarted in 1948. In 1988 the line was protected as a technical monument by the State of Hesse.