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Day trip in Xiamen away from the tourists

Xiamen is a coastal tourist city in Fujian Province, South East of China. The weather is very cozy in November with the temperature of around 25°C( 77°F ).

Though Xiamen is a tourist city, I managed to find some nice places that not frequented by tourists. Here are where I visited:

Yanwu Bridge

User submitted photo of Xiamen

Yanwu Bridge is located in the south rim of the Xiamen Island.

  • Transportation: You can get there by bus 122/659/857/48 etc.
  • Things to see:
  • It features a panorama viewing deck from where you can see the Xiamen Twin Tower.
  • You can either walk along the coastal path or enjoy clean white-sand beach with shades from the world's closest-to-the-sea Yanwu Bridge.

Shapowei Art ZoneUser submitted photo of Xiamen

Shapowei Art Zone is within walk distance from Yanwu Bridge. It is a great place to hang out for the young people, you can see the art fairs whenever you go while enjoying fresh snacks and drinks.

Longzhou Lake

User submitted photo of Xiamen

I went back to Jimei District by MTR Line 1. The Longzhou Lake is there to greet me at the exit. It is a perfect place for a night jog.

Other interesting places to recommend:

  • Zhongshan Road: not far from Shapowei. A famous tourist shopping place with many unique gift shops and boutique stores
  • Jiageng Park: 3min walk from Longzhou Lake & free after 5:30pm, a park to honor Mr Tan Kah Kee, an overseas Chinese entrepreneur, for his love for his hometown.