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How to cycle on the Xiamen Cycling Skyway

The Xiamen Cycling Skyway is the first over-the-head cycling route in China, it sits right below the northern part of the Xiamen BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) overhead bridge. It starts at Hongwen Station and ends at Xianhou Station. You can get to Hongwen by BRT L3 & get to Xianhou by BRT L1A/L1B/2/3 or by shuffle buses to the two BRT stations. The fare should be less than 5rmb.

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  • You can choose to start at either end of the skyway
  • There are 11 entrances & exits and 7 staging platforms along the 7.6km(4.8miles) route.
  • All entrances & exits are fortified so that only bicycle can pass, so you don't need to worry about motorized bicycles which you will find common in Chinese cities like Xiamen.
  • That being said, you still need to be careful not to run into stop-by photographers and slow-cyclers.

You will find shared bikes at all entrances & exits that you can use. Scan the QR code on the bike and register, you will be able to rent the bike when you deposit the amount money the app requested. You may likely find 3 kinds of shared bikes:

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  • The orange bike - Mobike, it requests 299rmb deposit and charges 0.5-1rmb every half an hour;
  • The yellow bike - ofo, it requests 99rmb deposit and charges 1rmb every hour;
  • The blue bike - Hellobike, it requests 199rmb deposit and charges 1rmb every half hour;
  • You need to upload government issued photo ID before you can use the service;
  • You can withdraw your deposit on the app once you finish the ride.