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Updated on Mar 29, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Yongding Tulou Cluster

  1. train to Longyan first 龙岩市
  2. Go from Lonyan Railway station to Lonyan Bus Terminal
  3. Take bus
  • Longyan -> Yongding: runs from 5:50am - 5:40pm, every 8 minute. Ride time 1.5hr. Cost 20rmb/person

Then you can choose different lines:

  • Yongding -> Xiayang
  • Yongding -> Gaotou Tulou
  • Yongding -> Hukeng (zhencheng tulou is here)
  • to Hukeng 湖坑. Then you will find Zhencheng Tulou

There are many Tulou clutters actually: Zhencheng (the most famous), Chuxi, Yongding, etc. If you want to visit all of them you need multiple days. If you just want to see one then I would recommend Zhencheng, it's the most characteristic one