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Travel to Zambia on a budget

Traveling to Zambia can be quite expensive. I had to struggle to take advantage of what was available as I was a budget traveler.

Movement and accommodation

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  • Lodges in the wilderness areas are expensive and I chose to stay in a tent alongside other campers when moving to those areas.
  • When traveling to rural areas, I booked a tour alongside other tourists to cut down on costs. Getting a designated driver to ferry you to the countryside is very expensive and one has to part with almost 100USD per day.
  • Traveling during the dry season(May-August) came in handy as tour vehicles rates were low compared to the wet season.
  • I visited Victoria falls in southern Zambia for 3 days. I stayed in Livingstone town as opposed to the lodges near the falls as rent is cheaper.
  • When in towns I searched for the best hotel deals and found quality rooms that cost less than 30USD per night.
  • When moving from Lusaka to Livingstone, train transport was my best alternative. For only 20 USD I made a 4hour trip!
  • Private charters and internal flights cost not less than 100USD and are not budget friendly.
  • Meals and water are cheap and cost less than 30USD per day.


  • Most of my shopping was done in Lusaka. Prices in the city are lower compared to the countryside.
  • Haggling !! I got very good deals when purchasing products due to this.
  • Fitting in easily as a local came in handy. Trader's didn't take advantage of me.
  • My visits to tourist gift shops while in parks were limited to avoid overspending.
  • To avoid the temptation to overspend, I used cash and kept my credit cards away.

Despite being on a budget my safari trip to Zambia was a success!



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On Jan 28, 2020

Did you have a native Zambian who helped you get to your sites? What site did you use to book your train ticket from Lusaka to Livingstone?


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On Dec 09, 2018

Hey Hazel, this is a great tip! It would be super helpful if you can bold the essential parts :)