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Updated on Dec 03, 2018 Useful Info

Getting to Zanzibar island

There are only two ways to get to this tropical paradise;

  1. By air.
  2. Through the sea.

Flying to Zanzibar

  • Flights to Zanzibar international airport are available at all airports in Tanzania.
  • You can also catch a flight to Zanzibar at JKIA in Nairobi and Moi International airport in Mombasa.
  • Flights cost between 50-100 USD.
  • At the airport, there are taxis which can take you to your hotel.

Boarding the ferry

  • Ferries operate daily between Dar-es-salaam and Zanzibar.
  • The ferries run from 4 a.m to 12 p.m
  • The ferry station is located in downtown Dar-es-salaam.
  • It's a 70 minutes ride and costs between 35-50USD.
  • The waters are usually rough hence seasick tourists should opt for a flight.
  • Ferries have both first class and economy class sections.
  • When on the ferry be alert as cases of pickpocketing are very common.

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Now that you've arrived enjoy magical Zanzibar!


Samantha Brooks-Kwiatkowska

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On Mar 02, 2020

Great article! When it comes to Zanzibar, I always stay at clove island and I recommend them to everyone! Best holidays of my life!

Alex Blake

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On Jul 03, 2019

Once you are on the island you have three main ways of getting around taxi, dala dala (shared minibus) and shuttle bus. This will explain how to get between the three main tourist areas with these three options. Information is shown for one direction but can be applied to the reverse route Taxi: If you are a group taxis can be a good option as they give you the flexibility to depart at any time. Taxi fares vary hugely, so you will need to ask around to get the best prices. Unfortunately, many taxi drivers make a habit of ripping off tourists so you will usually need to haggle to get fair price. Hopefully, Uber or Lyft will reach Zanzibar one day, but in the meantime pre booking taxis online (with set rates) is the best option Dala Dala: There are no official bus companies operating on Zanzibar, instead there are a large number of privately owned minibuses (known as dala dalas). The buses don't have timetables, instead departing when they are full. It is not possible to prebook tickets, in fact don't pay anyone until you are already on the bus as this is likely to be a scam (this guide has some tips on how to avoid being scammed). You should pay the conductor during your journey and make sure you are paying the same as the locals (~2000tzs). Some conductors try to take advantage of tourists demanding up to 10x the normal price, but just stand your ground and insist on paying the same as everyone else (it is normal to pay extra for large luggage though). Stone Town is the main hub and almost all journeys will go via Stone Town. Journeys from Stone town to Paje or Nungwi require just one dala dala, however, most other journeys will require multiple vehicles. For example, if you wish to go from Nungwi to Jambiani you first need to get a dala dala to Stone Town, then a short dala dala between terminals in Stone town, next a Stone Town to Paje dala dala and finally one going down the coast from Paje to Jambiani. Shared Shuttle Bus: Our shuttles give you the convenience of a taxi at much lower prices. You can book your tickets online and get picked up and dropped off directly at your accommodation. Luggage is carried free of charge and you go door-to-door in the same vehicle. The only company running these shared shuttles on Zanzibar is The Zanzibus - you can book tickets with them here: www.thezanzibus.com

Hazel Mwaka Mwazonga

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On Jul 06, 2019

Thanks for the info Alex.