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Updated on Jul 11, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Zhuo'er Mountain in Qinghai, China

Zhuo'er Mountain is part of the Qilian Mountain range in Qinghai, Northeast of China. It's close to the Zhangye rainbow mountain range.

We went last week as June - August is the best time to visit, you can see the beautiful yellow rape flower fields mixed with layers of lush green.

It's very easy to get to:

  • take a bus from Xining bus station directly to Qilian County
  • ride time 5-6 hours
  • frequency: 5 buses per day
  • cost 55rmb per ticket
  • once you arrive in Qilian bus station, you can take the shuttle to the scenic area, it's very close

The entrance ticket is 60rmb+20rmb buggy ride. It will then take about 1 hour to climb to the top for the panoramic view <3

Note to visitors:

  • if you go before June there's not gonna be rape flower fields, will be bare
  • you should bring an extra jacket if you wan to climb up the mountain, it's cold up there
  • it's not a huge scenic area, less crowded also compared to other sites in the area. 3-4hours should be enough to see everything