Submission guidelines

What is The Travel Brief?

The Travel Brief (TTB) is a site focused on useful travel information. Our goal isn't to inspire travellers to go on adventures, but to help them figure out exactly how to do these adventures. Each individual write-up is called a brief

What’s a brief

You can submit 2 types of briefs:

  1. Trip Brief: document your trip to a country, city, or any other point of interest (e.g. Serengeti National Park). Just write about your trip, what you did & the specific steps of how you planned and did the trip. Any detailed information you can include about costs, transportation, length of time you spent, resources you used, important references and websites, should be included to the extent that you can remember. See an example

  2. Useful Info: write a specific piece of useful information about a country, city, or any other point of interest. These pieces of information should belong to a single category, like visa, transportation, safety, etc. See an example

What’s a good brief

  • Actionable steps that travellers can follow and replicate
  • Useful information and/or insider tips that help others to maximize their experience and travel like a local
  • First hand experience based on your own travels
  • Concise, bullet point format. Avoid huge paragraphs and "wall of text"
  • Link any reference web pages you used when planning/doing your trip, like official websites, directories, charts, data, etc.

What you can write about

  • Your travels anywhere in the world. Off-the-beaten-path destinations are preferred
  • Useful information about your home town that travellers can make use of

What you should avoid writing about

  • (Avoid) restaurant and hotel recommendations, unless they're so unique that they're an attraction on their own
  • (Avoid) only writing about what you did without including exactly how you did them. The key is to include enough information that other travellers can replicate your trip easily

Ready to write? Here's how

  • Submit your brief directly on our site. No need to type it up and email us anything
  • If you have your own website, you're more than welcome to include links in the briefs to them as long as the briefs meet the quality guidelines
  • We will remove any briefs that do not meet these quality guidelines

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