Example tips

Short briefs

Spill the beans in the title if there’s only one single point you are making. You can provide justifications in the body and/or with your credentials

Tip example 1

You can also highlight the main point as the Title with further details in the body

Tip example 2

Group tips together as “General Tips for xxx” if they fall under the same category

Tip example 3

Long briefs

If you are feeling generous and would like to submit a more complete brief under a certain category, that’s ok too as long as you format it in a digestible way. Provide an “executive summary” up front followed by proper section titles, and make bullet points your best friend!

Tip example 4

Briefs with photos

We know you are gorgeous, but selfies don’t really fall under the “useful” category. However, effectively usage of images are encourages when it relates to the context of your brief – just remember we are not Instagram :p

Visuals are much more recognizable and momorable

Tip example 5

And sometimes photos are much more convincing than words

Tip example 6

Alright, you are all set! Now it’s time to enable everyone boldly experience the entire world with your help!

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