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Updated on Jun 24, 2018 Useful Info

How to use bike share in China

Bike share is very popular and convenient in China. The two biggest ones are Mobike (orange) and Ofo (yellow bikes), they both work with mobile apps, dock-less (aka pick up and drop off freely), and very cheap.

  • It's important to note that every city has their own versions of local shared bikes, but the two mentioned above is more than enough, you will find them everywhere
  • Mobike & Ofo work in almost identical ways. It's up to personal preference, hard to say which one is better
  • Both have English interface
  • Cost: price recently went up to 1RMB/30min - the two often have competing prices
  • Instruction:
  1. Download app: Mobike | Ofo
  2. Register with a working mobile number, need to receive activation code
  3. Pay a deposit (although rumour has it both are cancelling deposits in some cities)
  4. Buy credit inside "wallet": works with credit card. Cost of each ride will be deducted automatically after you lock the bike
  5. Unlock & Use: open app, scan the QR code you find on the bike, if it's not broken, it should unlock automatically (sometimes older ofo bikes require manual unlock with code)
  6. After you finish, simply drop it off and lock it. Double check on your app that the session has ended.

*Important Note*:

  • Recently, police are reinforcing the fine on riding bikes where you are not supposed to, such as main roads. The warning signs apparently exist (even though I've never seen them). Ride on the sidewalks and avoid taking main roads to be safe
  • When you cross the intersections of main roads, especially when police are around, walk with the bike when crossing, don't ride it