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Updated on Jun 24, 2018 Useful Info

How to use Uber's local alternatives in China

There is no more Uber in China, however there are 2 local alternatives:


  • Has English interface
  • Drivers don't speak english but there is in-app messenger with instant translation - however sometimes doesnt work on Driver end. Drivers like to call, if you can pickup just speak english to them so they know you are foreign, not ignoring their call, and may msg you in messenger instead
  • Service known to be not so great #monopoly
  • There are strict parking rules on the main roads in big cities, try to be on time or early for the pickup otherwise drivers won't always wait for you if there is a risk of taking a fine
  • Hard to find a car when raining or during rush hour. There had been safety concerns over certain incident happened a couple months ago in China, so don't Pool if you are alone
  • How to use Didi
  1. Download DiDi in English: iOS | Android
  2. Register: Can register with phone number, or with Facebook or Google account (but need phone number to be in service to receive activation code anyway)
  3. Setup payment method: Takes credit cards: Master/Visa/Amex. Can pay cash but only with Taxi
  4. Use just as how you would use Uber

Meituan Hailing

  • Only available in Chinese and only in Shanghai
  • Need phone number to register
  • Here's a guide with screenshots in English by SmartShanghai: link - however you should have basic Chinese language skills if deciding to use it